Release #40: Uru (Uruudosi) – Len-kun Pero Pero!! (Len-kun is Finger Licking Yummy)


Uru (Uruudosi) - Len-kun Pero Pero!!

Vocaloid vanilla doujinshi with a bit of a twist in the setup. Len has a sister complex towards Rin. One day Kaito happens to catch him masturbating while thinking about Rin, and now Len won’t be content until he knows that he’s adequately paid for Kaito’s silence. Two guesses as to how he goes about it. Pretty cute and vanillaey, and, of course, Len-kun pretty much defines delicious trap!

Another awesome scan courtesy of  0x-1.  To really see how much difference we’re talking, here’s the other raw that was out there:
Question to the readers:
Is blackmailing someone into sex stuff ever OK?



E-Hentai (soon)

4 Responses to Release #40: Uru (Uruudosi) – Len-kun Pero Pero!! (Len-kun is Finger Licking Yummy)

  1. by the way, the other raw is a public copy I left around for people to do whatever with :U so it’s also mine (lmao)!

    it’s just a 40/50% resize of the work raw

    • also, those raws are around because i post those more or less anonymously with the reason that I don’t care about whatever people do with those [壁]ロ゚)ハッ

  2. Well, it should be impossible to justify this ethically, but he almost asked for this and didn’t look like he would mind it that much, so I guess it’s a gray area :o

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