Release #187: [Studio Zealot (Various)] Natsuyasumi. Aki no Hi (Natsuyasumi)



Two girly boys in gym clothes and bloomers, having fun.

Only petting and 69, alas.

Quite short (on text), lots of illustrations.

I’d like to do an Italian version for my other group, too





(from exhentai description)

Cover illustration: Po-ju (ぽ~じゅ)
Pages 1-12: Po-ju(ぽ~じゅ)
Page 13: Akio Takami (秋緒たかみ)
Page 14: N.O-Chachamaru (N.O-茶々丸)
Page 15: Kakugari Kyoudai (カクガリ兄弟)
Page 16: Mogudan (モグダン)
Page 17: U-hi
Page 18: Chinzuriina (チンズリーナ)
Page 19: Takase Yuu (鷹勢優)
Page 20: Aoi Takayuki (蒼隆行)

*Based on characters from Studio Zealot’s original shota OVA “Natsuyasumi” (ナツヤスミ)*

Scanner: Uchofan1


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