Natsu Yasumi episode 01 – Link to SubDESU-H

In addition to today’s short, wanted to share something that Torn noticed.

You Know You Want it

You Know You Want it

The crew over at SubDESU’s H division, SubDESU-H, have brought episode 01 of Natsu Yasumi into English.  Mostly they do straight H stuff, but wowza I’m for one really happy that they’ve branched out into the gay. Please make sure to drop them a line and check their site in the future!

Sub DESU – H  – Natsu Yasumi episode 1

From us, have a single story from the Hastur book later today (see above). Please also check back tomorrow. (Valentine’s Day!)

8 Responses to Natsu Yasumi episode 01 – Link to SubDESU-H

  1. I’ve heard rumors of Yaoi H-Anime, but I never thought it to be true! Thanks for the link!

    • But what about Boku no Pico or Shounen Maid Kuro-kun?

      It was somewhat amusing to notice that understanding hentai dialogue was possible even with my very poor Japanese (I watched this the day it came out).

  2. Is there a download link anywhere in that sea of ads?

    I waded through it and all I found was a streaming video, which is just terrible.

  3. Disappointment

    That is all there is in this.
    Everyone’s right about this being not worth anything at all. It’s not even 14 minutes or something.

  4. Disappointingly short? Yeah

    Other than that the art and animations were great.
    Good angles as well.

    Oh yeah

    Dat ass rubbin

  5. yeah… uh can i say moar? :3 while it will likely end up as boy -> trap i can only hope that it ends up being trap -> boy :D maybe both :D… *sigh* i can dream…

  6. Lol, video reminds me of the people i know, always trying to take a sneak at my panties of the day~ im almost always in Lolita dresses and skirts xD,

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