Release #129: [Mine Noujou] In Order to Become a Hero ~7-Day Intensive Course~


JP title: [ミネ農場] ヒーローになるために~7日間の集中講座~

No, not ALL of the releases are fish themed.  This one only features rape, mind break, and betrayal, and exactly zero fish.

BTW, does it count as NTR (netorare) if it’s a GUY being stolen from his girlfriend, and being fucked into submission? Or is it only NTR if a girl is stolen from a guy?






tags: mine noujou, shotacon, anal, crossdressing, feminization, yaoi, blackmail, deepthroat, group

12 Responses to Release #129: [Mine Noujou] In Order to Become a Hero ~7-Day Intensive Course~

  1. I was expecting to see more fishes actually since the past two fish theme release was nice. But seeing this translated is as awesome. Great job you guys!

  2. I wonder what most normal chicks (not perverted fujoshi, or sluts and anything of the like) would think if this happened to their boyfriends. Would they get turned on? Sexy release. Thanks a lot.

  3. I liked the concept and thought the story hot some of the art was a little vague or messy, but some of it was nice especially when they had the trap in the schoolgirl outfit finally! Would have loved more of that! Still I wouldnt have minded being in his place as a young teen.

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