Release #40: Uru (Uruudosi) – Len-kun Pero Pero!! (Len-kun is Finger Licking Yummy)


Uru (Uruudosi) - Len-kun Pero Pero!!

Vocaloid vanilla doujinshi with a bit of a twist in the setup. Len has a sister complex towards Rin. One day Kaito happens to catch him masturbating while thinking about Rin, and now Len won’t be content until he knows that he’s adequately paid for Kaito’s silence. Two guesses as to how he goes about it. Pretty cute and vanillaey, and, of course, Len-kun pretty much defines delicious trap!

Another awesome scan courtesy of  0x-1.  To really see how much difference we’re talking, here’s the other raw that was out there:
Question to the readers:
Is blackmailing someone into sex stuff ever OK?



E-Hentai (soon)

Release #37: (Luca/Mrmn) Inran Explosion (Darker than Black)

This is the first project edited by our newest member, the lovely Luvi!  And it’s a wonderfully done edit, if I do say so myself.

There are two stories in this doujin, both featuring Hei from Darker than Black (a show I could not watch past the third episode. Boring!).  In the first story, Hei encounters a frightening opponent.  Tentacles are involved~ Yummy.  In the second it’s a little bit of bondage and non-con between Hei and November.  Apparently Hei is usually the top / seme in most doujinshis, but in this donjon he’s on the bottom / uke!  And that’s where all bishounen like him should be, imho.

Question to the readers:
Do you prefer this kind of bishounen over the traps and other shotas that we normally have here? Why or why not?


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