Release #43: (grpr) Image Crush (Cardfight!! Vanguard)

Actual episodes of Cardfight!! Vanguard are even gayer than this donjon.  Aichi is the perfect, almost-trap, submissive uke and he sees a little bit of Kai-kun in anything drawn even remotely bishounen.  And then he feels a whole log of background character in his deliciously drawn shota hole. Several logs, from the number of doujinshi out there with this premise.

Raigo, our first recruit of February has already sown immediate fruit! Seriously, look at how fucking nice this thing came out!   Maybe we should stop taking applications? (srsly, we never stop taking applications)

0x-1 consistently comes through with superior quality scans. We hope this isn’t too highres for you all who loathe lovely image and top image quality!


Mediafire (how long before you realize what “Mirrors” means and start looking for Mediafire links (and more sites that probably spy on you a whole less, and start clicking the UploadMirrors links?)