We are Short Wharf.  We’re all about the cock!  And especially about dudes / traps / he-shes / taking the cock!  That means yaoi (cute little shotas and big burly baras) and also femdom, bisexual, futas on traps, tentacles on he-shes and beyond~  Basically, if a cock is in a place it normally wouldn’t be in, it’s Short Wharf material!


Short Wharf is part of the Little White Butterflies family.  We do free, high quality scanlation because we believe that sharing is caring.  We take the Japanese manga and doujinshi and put them into English because there are many people who want to read these manga and doujinshi, but can’t, often because they’re printed only in Japanese.  So, what’s a yaoi lover to do?  Well, for one, you could learn Japanese and… …yeah, that’s a little tough.  And still, that doesn’t solve the problem, because OTHERS still can’t read Japanese!  So, we bring these cock-filled stories to you in English.  We hope you’ll enjoy them and that you’ll tell your friends about us.


Short Wharf is always recruiting.  We have translators and editors, but we could always use more!  And don’t sit there saying, “But I don’t know how to…”  You can learn!  It’s easy to start out in editing.  Nobody is born knowing how to use Photoshop or GIMP or any of those programs!  It’s fun and rewarding to learn how to edit, and we at Short Wharf encourage you to try your hand at it, even if you don’t have experience!  Of course, if you’re an experienced editor or translator, that’s awesome! Just click here to see how.

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  1. I can’t see any contact us linkage so I’d try and just ask here. Would it be alright to share your Ash Wing works over LJ please?? D:

  2. heya~ i was wondering if they was a way to donate monies / join the editing group? :3 i dont have much experience, most of my computer experience is with fixing electronics of all kinds, programming, web design, and databasing~ but i think it would be fun to edit manga’s and such :3 Oh~ and i used to be a trap for many years~ now im a MtF trans folk ;3

  3. Hi there. I help out with announcing updates over at Kisha Club (kishaclub.livejournal.com) and was wondering if you’d like or if it’s alright for me to announce your Yaoi/Yuri related releases?

    Please lemme know when you can.
    Thanks! *hugglz*


    • Sure! None of us do LJ, so hopefully you can expose our stuff to people who don’t use exhentai.

  4. Hello!

    First of all, thank you very much for all your hard work! All you guys do is amazing!

    And I hope this is not too presumptuous of me, but I was wondering if you would let me re-scanlate “Aniki to Renai Circulation” (APH DJ), and “My Life” (Ao no Exorcist DJ) into spanish? I would really love to work on those doujins; they’re so lovely!

    Sorry for trouble you and thanks in advance! :).

    > Nittah,
    > Insane Shooter Team.
    > (insaneshootertm.blogspot.com/).

    • Personally i do not mind you using the script i made for Aniki to Renai Circulation, but I wasn’t involved in the other so I can’t speak for that. I’ve noticed many groups these days posting hentai/yaoi in more languages, many more languages. Do you have any idea how many of these are translating from English?

      however, i do want to say that i think you should think about learning japanese in order to translate. lots of things get changed in translation, so having a retranslation…

      but hope you guys do good stuff on the Hetalia one, for sure

  5. Hello,, sorry to bother you…
    I love your works and if you don’t mind,
    I want to ask your permission to share your scanlation to Aarinfantasy forum
    I will keep the credits intact and link back to your comm^_^
    Thank you very much :)

    • Thanks for asking first.

      We don’t have much in the way of “official policy” about sharing our stuff, but for me I think the basics are:
      1) Please leave the credits / tl notes / credit pages as they are.
      2) If you modify the story (secondary translation, different sizes, etc,) please take credit for the modification.
      3) Please don’t break laws. This stuff isn’t for minors, profit, and may not be legal everywhere.

      Other than that, I’d actually encourage you and others to upload stuff like this to forums, discussion boards, mailing lists, blogs, and all the other stuff. The more people can access this, the better. It’s nice if you tell people to support the artist, and also appreciated when you explicitly mention us / link to us.

      … that’s all I can think of, and honestly, that’s just coming from one person. other translators and editors might have different feelings about all / some of this. i imagine the priority is on them to get in touch with people who are going against those feelings, but i don’t think that’s the case for you.

      Last, glad you enjoy the site and hope you find more things you like here in the future!

      • Thank you very much ^_^
        and sorry for the late reply…..
        I’ll keep the rules in mind and obey it :)
        craving for more shota because of your scanlation >.<

    • nice place you’ve got over there! i sadly don’t get into many at all but your site’s going to get me curious about trying those eroge…

      please feel free to link. it’s actually fine if you want to reupload stuff to other sites (just please keep the credits page / image quality / continuity stuff all the same if you can)!

  6. Iv been downloading your manga for a while now but im leaving for the military very soon and i was wondering if these download are legal. I would like to continue to download but i cant on base if its not.

    • Think about it this way. Technically porn isn’t allowed in the military. What this means is everyone has a thumb drive/SD card full of casually-hidden porn that the people in charge know not to look for.
      If you *carefully* hide your porn (encrypt it), there’s a good chance someone is going to make an issue of it, because it might be anything.

      You’ll also have no privacy, and everyone knows what porn everyone else is looking at. If they catch you looking at shota, you’re fucked.
      There’s also a very good chance this site will be filtered on any internet you’re likely to get. This is a very good thing, because if people catch you visiting this site: you’re fucked.
      Good luck!

      • …..my trap hentai T-T i need my trap hentai… ill find a way. Even if it means going off base just to stockpile ;) thanks for replying.

  7. hey guys, I have a 1 shot hentai manga wondering if you guys would kindly scanlate for me, I have the raws but my japanese skills are inferior so I can only comprehend about half the material.

    on a side note: it’s PDF and the genre is futanari x guy

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