#241: [JinJin] Lewd Photoshoot Happiness! chapter 3-4



Continuing the project I started with Lewd Photoshoot Happiness, here’s the translation for the next two untranslated chapters of JinJin’s tank, titled “Dangerous Curiosity” and “You’ve Gotta Be Honest”. These are the first two of three chapters about a perverted futanari schoolgirl who discovers the joys of random sex.

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#240: [Okuni Yoshinobu] After School Tin Time chapter 3


>Traumatic penis inspection day in fourth grade
>Secretly become a trap so I never have to go to penis inspection day again
>Middle school goes smoothly
>First year at an all-girls high school
>Skip health inspection as usual with a doctor’s note
>Called to the nurse’s office the next day over the loudspeaker
>There must be some mistake I have a note
>Wait with three other girls
>Nurse comes in
>Tells us all to take off our clothes
>Start sweating profusely
>”But I… I can’t… I have a…”
>I drop my note but nobody pays attention
>The other girls are naked and they’re all traps
>Nurse says it’s penis inspection day
>Sweat pouring off me like a waterfall
>Spaghetti drops out of my panties in wet clumps
>Nurse pulls off my skirt and underwear to reveal my tiny tomato sauce-stained penis
>Everyone laughs as I burst into treats
>Grab my clothes and run away crying, trailing spaghetti down the hall
>Get expelled

I hate penis inspection day.

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